Exploring your subject further


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Leading universities will expect you to have extended your knowledge considerably beyond the remits of the A level syllabus. Here are a few suggestions of how you can make this happen: 

My HE Plus 

An excellent site where you can explore your subject beyond the A level syllabus – each different subject area has been designed by postgrad students and academics at Cambridge 


Staircase 12 

A website dedicated to help you ‘read around’ your subject and thus demonstrate your ability to  

extend your knowledge beyond the A level syllabus – there are different recommendations depending upon subject 


Hodder A level Review Magazines 

This wide variety of publications covers the following areas and are available in the Harriet Wade Library: Biology, Chemistry, Economics, English, History, Politics, Law, Physics, Psychology, Sociology 

Isaac Physics  

A great website for helping you to solve Physics-related problems 

Why Not Chem Eng  

A highly informative website for those students interested in applying for Chemical Engineering 

Clever Podcast

Inspiring interviews with contemporary designers and architects 

Oxford University Help Page for Applicants

A superb collection of resources aimed at those students seeking to enhance their subject knowledge beyond the classroom which includes blogs, subject resources, recommended areas for study and interview guidance.