Philosophy, Ethics and Theology

Course AS and A2
What is Philosophy, Ethics and Theology?
Philosophy is the study of knowledge, reality and existence. The word means to cultivate the love of wisdom. Ethics is the branch of philosophy that questions what is morally right, it requires you to decide what the right course of action is in any given situation, and then justify that decision. Theology is the study of the nature of God. What you will learn will extend beyond the classroom and can be applied to every area of your life and the wider world around you.
What topics will I study?
In Philosophy the course content will include Ancient Greek influences; Soul, Mind and Body; Arguments for the existence of God; Religious Experience and the Problem of Evil.
In Ethics examples of the topics are: Natural Law; Situation Ethics; Kantian Ethics; Utilitarianism; Euthanasia and Business Ethics
In Theology topic include: Augustine’s teachings on human nature; death and the afterlife; Bonhoeffer; Gender and society and Liberation Theology and Marx
How is the course assessed?
Three exams at the end of the first year to gain an AS qualification
Three exams at the end of the second year to gain an A Level qualification
What are the career opportunities?
An A Level in Philosophy, Ethics and Theology is highly regarded by universities. Not only will it enable you to improve your essay writing, but you will also develop skills of critical evaluation, logical thinking and problem solving. These would prove useful in a wide number of fields, and graduates with a qualification in Philosophy, Ethics and Theology have gone on to work in law, civil service, politics, medicine, social services, advertising and charity work.
Is this course for you?
Do you like?
Asking big questions
Debating and discussing 
Thinking about the wider world around you
Questioning what we accept to be true and real
If the answer to these questions is yes, then you will find this A level enjoyable, challenging and possibly like nothing you have ever studied before!