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Welcome to The Urswick School, a mixed secondary school located in the heart of Hackney. We are now recognised as one of the best inner city secondary schools in the country...  read more




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  • Year 7 get stuck in trying Pop Lacrosse! Read more 01:57 PM - 16th November, 2018
  • Year 7 have produced some fantastic work in their Drama ‘Big Write’ lessons this week. Well done! Read more 11:58 AM - 16th November, 2018
  • Armistice 100: Urswick School remembers 62 students who died during First World War Read more 12:24 PM - 15th November, 2018
  • Here we have Ellie from year 10 delivering a Trigonometry lesson to her set 3 Maths class. Ellie recently scored in the highest range for the year group in assessment and approached her teacher with a proposal to learn Trigonometry for herself and teach it to the class! Read more 12:00 PM - 15th November, 2018
  • All of these events will lead up to our Remembrance Service on Friday with a minutes silence held across the school. 03:35 PM - 8th November, 2018
  • Each day students have planted poppies in our Peace Garden, remembering fallen Old Boys of the School. Read more 03:33 PM - 8th November, 2018
  • KS3 make one poppy for each old boy of our school who served: with one white poppy for each of those who died. Read more 03:31 PM - 8th November, 2018
  • Students sold Anzac biscuits at break time today! Read more 03:30 PM - 8th November, 2018
  • Year 9 and 10 students read poetry from the Great War in our School Museum on Tuesday. Read more 03:23 PM - 8th November, 2018
  • The Urswick School has been very busy during remembrance week.. our Sixth Form students participated in a commemorative football match and swapped gifts! Read more 03:22 PM - 8th November, 2018