Year 7 French home study tasks



w/c 20th April:

Module 1 – Introduction - Ali et Marine (p.6&7) - Revision of introductions and masculine & feminine nouns

  • Ex 1a - Read Ali’s speech bubble & introduction. Translate into English
  • Ex 1b – re-read the text & note down the images A-D in the correct order
  • Ex 2a – Read the text and note down 5 things about the town where Ali lives
  • Ex 3a – Read out loud Marine’s speech bubble and choose the correct option (1-4)
  • Grammar box – copy out the grammar box about gender & complete exercise 3c – find in the text the feminine forms of un, petit, le and il.
  • Read the telephone exchange between Ali & Marine and translate into English – use the vocabulary page 15 for support.
  • Ex 4b – note down the 3 questions and create your own answers.

w/c 27th April:

Module 1A – Ali au college; Un cours d’histoire (p.8&9) – Talking about what language is spoken in which country

  • P.8 – look at the map of the world and looking at the key (légende) note down which language is spoken in each highlighted country.
  • p.8, ex 1c – look at the map again and choose whether the answer for the question is a or b.
  • p.9 – ex 2 – read the text about the ex-colonies and translate the English phrases 1-4 into French
  • p.9 – ex 3a – Write out 4 phrases in French about which language is spoken in which country.
  • Grammar box – copy out the grammar box about the use of en EXTRA S&C-  look up 5 new countries in a French dictionary or using an online dictionary ( and practice using the word ‘en’ with that new country and complete ex 3b as an additional challenge.
  • P.9 ex 4a – find out which language is spoken in the countries numbered 1-6
  • Ex 4b – write out a French dialogue asking which language is spoken where


w/c 4th May:

Module 1B – Un cours de géographie (p.10&11) – talking about capital cities of the world and countries in French

  • P.10, ex 1a – Read the names of the 6 countries on the pictures – how do you say them in English?
  • P.10, ex 3 – Write out the countries in French, filling in the gaps carefully.
  • P.11, ex 4a – read the quiz about capital cities and note down the correct option (a,b or c) – you may have to research some of them, although it should be easy if you have been doing the Joe Wicks workouts each morning as he was testing us on the capital cities last week!
  • P.11, ex 5 – Research the football leagues – which country does each league belong to?
  • Ex 6a – strategy to work out meaning of new words – follow the instructions in English to work out what the underlined words mean from boxes A,B and C.
  • Choose one box to translate into English
  • S&C task – research the information on France and the UK to find some interesting similarities and differences:

w/c 11th May:

Module 1C – En classe (p.12&13) – practicing instructions given in French