Please work through the links on the right hand side.

You have already been asked to look at theatre practitioners and An Inspector Calls

To assist you with your work on An Inspector Calls, use the link below to read about the two main areas for your component 3 exam:

  • Vocally and physically performing a character
  • The four elements of design – set, costume, sound and lighting



Use the links below to view two high quality live theatre productions.

Gecko Theatre – Time of Your Life – Filmed by the BBC.

While you are watching, take note of the use of physical theatre. How is this production using movement and non-naturalistic techniques to enhance the story for the audience? (Remember, non-naturalistic theatre does not look like real life.)

https://youtu.be/5PQpxi7h_rc?list=PLMqUl-4Vvxqq0sxMaAfyWQTupL9es_K1r – Gecko Theatre – Time of Your Life – this is very good! Filmed by the BBC

I, Cinna (The Poet) full-length film - Royal Shakespeare Company – solo show.

While you are watching this, consider how the actor creates belief with the character that he is playing. How does he use voice and physical skills? Consider pace, pausing, emphasis, tone, eye contact, gesture, facial expressions.

https://youtu.be/6xQAr5le0UU -

The Changing Room – a play by Chris Bush – something fun to read!

A play about being on the cusp of growing up. Are we teenagers? Are we children? What are we? It's about bodies in flux and perspectives shifting; knowing change is coming but not what that change will look like.

Set in and around a swimming pool, The Changing Room follows a group of teens full of excitement, impatience and uncertainty, each with their own secret worries and desires for what comes next.

Year 9 Week 3: week beginning 06/04/20 at home Easter holiday Work – An Inspector Calls Set Design:

You should have now completed the tasks on practitioners and Costume design for An Inspector Calls characters. Your task during week 3 is to learn about set design using the link below on BBC bitesize. Go to the set design section.

Research what houses looked like for the middle and upper classes in 1912. Pre WW1. Titanic era; think Downtown Abbey as inspiration.

Using the set template attached, please draw a detailed set design of inside The Birling’s house with annotations. The annotations must explain what the items you have designed are, what material they are e.g. solid oak wood, rich red velvet and what it symbolises about the time period and the Birling’s e.g. rich red velvet symbolises the bloodshed. Solid oak wood was expensive and highlights the Birlings’ fortune.

If you are unable to print, then please use your initiative to draw the set template yourself!


Year 9 Week 4: week beginning 20/04/20 – summer term.

In Y9 you have so far performed from a script and devised your own performance based around the stimulus of climate change. At the start of Y10 GCSE drama you will start your Component 1 devised exam. This exam is all about devising from a stimulus. In order to prepare you for this, to the right is an attached task to get your mind and imaginations engaged and begin to think like a ‘theatre creator’. After you have completed this task, please watch as many videos on the devising process as possible, by Frantic Assembly. Look at the way they use physical theatre and abstract movement to tell a story. Found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUqZPfGIX6U&list=RDQMyRcLLclWqmk&start_radio=1

Y9- Week 5: week commencing 27/04/20 – Blood Brothers                        

On the right hand side you will see ‘Blood Brothers’. Please read this script over the next week. I will be expecting it to be read by May 8th 2020. I will then be setting questions, testing your knowledge in the form of homework to be sent back to me for marking. It is a fantastic play and a classic! Enjoy J

Globe theatre live production of Macbeth streaming from Monday 11th May on their YouTube channel.

Please use the link to visit the Globe Theatre’s YouTube channel. Each week they feature a production to stream. The next production will be Shakespeare’s Macbeth from this coming Monday 11th May.

About Macbeth

Macbeth is an ambitious man, fated to be king. He starts the play as Thane of Glamis, but is told by the witches that he will soon be declared Thane of Cawdor and later King. His ambition is awakened by Lady Macbeth who suggests he should seize his destiny by murdering Duncan. Immediately after killing Duncan, he seems terrified that he cannot be forgiven for his actions. However, he becomes more and more willing to do anything to achieve his ambitions, even having his former friend Banquo killed. He becomes more arrogant and tyrannical after being told by the witches that he cannot be killed by anyone “of woman born”. His arrogance proves to be his downfall. The atmosphere of guilt and paranoia thickens to the deadly conclusion.


Write a reflection on the production using these three questions:

  1. How does Shakespeare’s play Macbeth fit the description of a tragedy?
  2. Who do you think is most to blame for the tragic events of the play?
  3. Which character would you like to play if you performed in this production? Why? What aspects of the character would be important for you to consider in your performance?

Email your thoughts to your drama teacher using the drama@theurswickschool.co.uk email address – they would love to hear from you.

YouTube link:


Further resources to support your exploration of the play: