Summer term

Year 10 – Online learning instructions

We have set up a class on Seneca Learning for the year group. This is a website that both teaches you and checks what you have learnt. The website will also show your science teachers how successful you have been.  

Please follow the instructions below to join the class: 

  1. Access
  1. Complete the sign up process to include: 
  1. Your name as we know it! No nicknames as we won’t know who is who!  
  1. An e-mail, this can be a parents if you do not have your own. 
  1. A password, that you will remember. If you lose or forget your password, we won’t be able to reset it for you. 
  1. Once in the website, click the Join Class button and enter the class code: 
  1. EBACC – ugepq5ux4p
  1. OPEN - evxq97kqi0
  1. Once you have joined the class, you will see that your first assignment is due by the end of the week. 
  1. We will be checking who has and has not completed each assignment, and setting you new tasks each week. 
  1. Good luck! You have until Sunday 26th April to join the class and complete the first assignment.


If you need any further guidance or help, please contact us at


The workbooks from before the Easter holiday are still attached if you still need them.