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Free School Lunches

Every student in Years 7 to 13 receives a free school lunch every weekday, whether they are entitled to Free School Meals or not.

We want to ensure that our students learn effectively and feel that the best way to do this is to provide them with a healthy lunch.

Each student is entitled to a hot main meal, sandwich or salad and a dessert or drink, every school day. Our lunch menu has been devised by a nutritionist who ensures that every meal contains the vitamins and nutrients essential to a healthy diet.

The lunches are funded by money generated from the school’s lettings income. The premises are hired at weekends and evenings by several local organisations, including sports and drama clubs.


Breakfast is served every morning from 7.30am to 8.20am. This is the perfect time for students to refuel after one of our early morning sport clubs, or take some time to relax with their friends before lessons begin. Students can enjoy a variety of hot and cold breakfasts with choices available for every budget. The menu includes cereals, pastries, freshly made porridge and hot chocolate.

Break Time

Brain-boosting snacks and drinks including muffins, ciabattas, yoghurts and fruit juices are available to buy from the canteen every day.