Year 8 RE Home Study – Who moved the Stone.

We all hope you are keeping safe and well, and are able to access the work your teachers have been setting on here. 

Thank you to those of you who have sent us your Holy Week Diaries.  If you have not yet completed this task, you can still find it on the right of this page.


You are going to imagine you are a private investigator working in Jerusalem in 33AD.  You have been asked to investigate the disappearance of the body of Jesus from his tomb.  You must write a 500-WORD-REPORT where you:

  • explain the scene
  • includes some theories about why the body might be missing
  • interview witnesses
  • give your overall opinion

To Help you

There is a new booklet linked on the right, called “Who Moved the Stone”.  It includes some witness statements for you to think about, and the Bible account of Jesus’ empty tomb.  There is also a writing frame to help you.


Handing in your work

Deadline: Monday 1st June (after this date, a new task will be put up for you to complete)

Contacting your teacher.  You can: 

  • do the work on computer and email it to .  Make sure you give your name and family learning group in the email, and the name of your RE teacher.
  • do the work by hand, and take photographs on a mobile phone, which you can then email.
  • if you cannot do either of these, bring the diaries into school on the FIRST DAY you are invited back into school.

You can also use the above email address to ask your teachers for help with this diary project

Good luck, and stay safe.

Ms Silcock, Mr Aubrey & Mr Grant


Additional Learning Activites 

Year 8 RE work from home.

This website link gives you information about an RE creative writing competition.

The document attached gives you instructions on how to complete the project.