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Calculator Crunch Task 3

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Home Study April 2020

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Go to:

Click to select Worksheets

Find the topic (alphabetical order) or the clip (numerical order).

Write the date and title in your exercise book.

Write the clip number in your exercise book.

Watch the clip and pause to copy the example in your exercise book. Now pause and try the examples in the clip in your maths book. Mark the example. 

Answer the questions from the  Textbook Exercise

You can also access the work by clicking the links below.

Solutions can be found by clicking the link at the end of the work sheet for you to mark your work. Answers


 9.1 Sequences

Describing rules  

Video 286

Textbook Exercise

Missing terms  

Video 287

  Textbook Exercise


Video 290    

Textbook Exercise

Nth term    

Video 288      

  Textbook Exercise

Challenge: Fibonacci

Video 287a     

Textbook Exercise

Challenge: nth term for fractional sequences   

Video 289    

Textbook Exercise

 9.3 Coordinates


Video 84      

  Textbook Exercise

Shapes on a grid

Video 85

  Textbook Exercise

Midpoint of a line     

Video 87       

 Textbook Exercise

9.5 Straight-line graphs

Drawing (xy table)   

Video 186

 Textbook Exercise

Y=a graphs     

Video 192    

 Textbook Exercise

X=a graphs     

Video 193

  Textbook Exercise

Challenge:  y=mx+c     

Video 191     

 Textbook Exercise

Challenge: find equation of a line     

Video 194     

Textbook Exercise