12 mark questions for GCSE preparation - Write a 12 mark question EVERY WEEK

Hello Year 10.  We hope you are keeping safe and well during your social distancing: and also that you are finding plenty of time to keep on top of your studies.

Many of you will have completed work in the booklets you were issued by the RE department before the schools closed.  Now, we would like you to write, and submit, 12 mark evaluation essays.

How it works

Each week, YOU MUST ANSWER ONE 12-MARK QUESTION, and email it to the school's new RE email address

The questions you must answer are ordered below, and you MUST answer the correct question for each week.  You should either type your essay and email it, or else write it by hand, and take a photograph with your phone, which you can then also email.  The deadline for each essay will be FRIDAY of each week (each deadline is clearly labelled below).

When you email, please clearly state your name, and your RE teacher.


Because you are emailing your work to this new RE Urswick email address, your RE teachers will be able to reply to you to tell you how you got on.  We are going to record all the marks out of 12 for each essay, and there will be rewards for the students who have scored the highest across all the essays completed: so the more you submit, the higher your score and the greater your chance of reward!

To help you

Please read the new 12-mark guidance sheet attached on the right.  It gives tips to a successful answer, as well as an annotated WAGOLL (What a Good One Looks Like) to show you what your answer should look like.  Remember: at least 3 paragraphs, and 250 words.

Work hard, and stay safe.

The RE department

The Evaluation Questions

Week One (due 8th May)

"Religious Believers don't do enough to help the poor." Evaluate this statement.


Week Two (due 15th May)

"Religious Believers should not try to teach people about contraception and family planning." Evaluate this statement.


Week Three (due 22nd May)

"Deterrence is the best aim of punishment." Evaluate this statement.


Week Four (due 29th May)

"The Bible tells Christians all they need to know about the Creation of the World" Evaluate this statement.


Week Five (due 5th June)

"Belief in angels is no longer relevant to Muslim life." Evaluate this statement.


Week Six (due 12th June)

"Going on the Hajj is the best way for a Muslim to show commitment to Allah." Evaluate this statement.