Year 8 Drama Task 1 A Curious Incident final scene

Use your knowledge of the events leading up to Christopher travelling to London to see his mother. Write a final scene that captures the meeting between Judy and Christopher.


How will mother and son be together when they meet?

Did he pass his A level Maths exam?

Will Mr Shears or Ed join the scene at some point?

Will Siobhan narrate Christopher’s inner thoughts that he writes in his diary.

Please include stage directions in brackets.

Year 8 Drama Task 2

Read the summary of The Window in the Willows.

Use the link to access a free stage production of Wind in the Willows.


While you are watching – consider the use of set design and costume design to enhance your enjoyment of the show.

Design your own alternative costume for one of the characters in the production? What does the audience learn about the character from your design?

In terms of the staging, write a one paragraph summary that describes how the set design enhanced your enjoyment of the show. Consider use of colour, lighting, creating a setting and atmosphere.

The Changing Room – a play by Chris Bush – something fun to read!

A play about being on the cusp of growing up. Are we teenagers? Are we children? What are we? It's about bodies in flux and perspectives shifting; knowing change is coming but not what that change will look like.

Set in and around a swimming pool, The Chnging Room follows a group of teens full of excitement, impatience and uncertainty, each with their own secret worries and desires for what comes next.

Tuesday – a play for Alison Carr.

Take some time to read the play. Something changes on a Tuesday and splits people down the middle.

Complete the following tasks:

  1. Write a summary of the play in your own words for someone that hasn’t read it. Keep your summary to 300 words or less and create interest by foreshadowing something – don’t reveal everything in your summary!
  2.  Write a diary entry or monologue for one of the characters, reacting to one of the events in the play. Reveal something new about the character we don’t learn in the play.
  3. Write an alternative ending to the play , starting from the end of page 51. What could be different that would change the experience for your audience?

Week 4 – week commencing 20/04/20: Radio Plays

On the right hand side you will find a series of lessons that will be regularly updated. These lessons are designed around the scheme of work ‘Radio Plays’. Please work through them to the best of your ability. If you would like to type any work and email it to Mr Mcintyre for marking, please email the Drama email address.