School Uniform

School uniform is compulsory throughout Years 7 to 11. Our uniform is smart, practical and inexpensive when compared to other local schools.

School Uniform

  • Pale blue shirt (polo shirts and white shirts are not permitted)
  • School tie (clip-on)
  • Navy school jumper with school logo
  • Navy blue trousers (no black trousers)
  • Navy blue skirt (knee length; no black skirt)
  • Plain black tights or plain navy, black or white socks (no patterned tights)
  • Plain black footwear (flat heels, no colour marks and no logos)
  • Coat - no hooded sweatshirts or coloured jumpers/cardigans

All students will be given a new, clip-on school tie on the first day of the school year in Year 7.

Muslim girls may wear a plain, blue shalwar kameez or hijab. Full face veils are not allowed.

PE Kit

  • Navy school PE T-shirt with school logo
  • Navy blue tracksuit bottoms or shorts*
  • Navy school PE sweatshirt with school logo
  • School PE socks*
  • Trainers

* Any student who wishes to compete for the School must wear a pair of navy blue shorts and school PE socks to training sessions and matches.

Hairstyles and Makeup
Any makeup worn should be modest. Excessive lipstick, for example, will not be allowed. Nails, including false nails, must be of reasonable length, not represent potential risks to health and safety or impede handwriting.

Long hair needs to be tied back for PE, Science and Technology. Hair should not significantly cover the eyes as this will effect learning. Afro style hair, including buns, should be of reasonable size and length. Parents will be notified initially of any concerns about hairstyles and makeup. Students will be sent home if these concerns are not rectified.

Our school uniform and PE kit are available to buy from Trutex in Broadway Market:
31 Broadway Market
E8 4PH

t: 0207 9239313

School Scarf
Students are not allowed to wear any scarf other than the official Urswick School Scarf, on sale at reception.  If a student wishes to wear a scarf to school it should be a school scarf.  Students will be expected to take their scarves off in lessons; non-school scarves will be confiscated and returned to students at the end of the day.  If a student persists in wearing a non-school scarf, it will be returned direct to their parent/carer.