How to complete and submit work from home

Dear Urswick students working from home in Years 7 – 11,

Please use this section to find your weekly work for each subject. You should find class and homework tasks for all of your subjects to complete every week.

We suggest that you follow your usual timetable so that you make sure you stay up to date with all your learning.

When you have done your class or homework for each subject you need to email it to the subject email address. These are easy to find below and are also on each subject page. These email addresses are checked every day and will be forwarded to your subject teachers. In any email please make sure you include your full name and year group. Please also use these email addresses if you have any questions about work or are not clear on what you should do. The school switchboard also remains open for calls between 8am and 3pm daily.

Your teachers will be checking to make sure you have completed your work and you can expect to be contacted if you do not submit anything. Good luck and stay safe!

Ms Braggins

Deputy Headteacher


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