Year 7 Head of Learning

A message from the Head of Learning for Year 7 Ms Forde

  Ms Forde, Head of Learning Year 7

Dear Year 7 2020/21, 
Firstly I’d like to take the opportunity to welcome you all to The Urswick School. My name is Ms Forde and I will be your Head of Learning when you join us. My job is to ensure you have a smooth transition into secondary school, creating strong foundations and getting you in to good habits for all of the learning you will do here. 
The transition to secondary school is an important step along your academic journey, it is a very exciting time but can also be quite scary! Please try not to worry. Alongside other members of the Year 7 team, I will work closely with you all on a daily basis supporting, encouraging and helping you to settle in. Throughout the year, your Urswick Parents and I will be helping you reach your full potential here at school, by helping you to make positive choices and encouraging you to make the most of the many opportunities that The Urswick School has to offer. 
I know that you will have lots of questions about what secondary school will be like. Hopefully we will have answered these questions in our FAQ video which you can watch below.
I’m excited to meet and get to know each and every one of you, meet your parents and welcome you, in person, to The Urswick School. 
Take care and stay safe. 
Ms Forde