Face Coverings in School

Following changed advice from the DFE, issued to schools on 26/08/2020, please find below our amended policy as of the start of the Autumn Term. 

Face coverings may be worn inside the school building in corridors and other public areas. Face coverings do not have to be worn but an individual may decide to do so. 
Face coverings MUST be plain blue or black with no logos or emblems. 
Face coverings must NOT be worn in classrooms or any other work spaces inside the school and must be out of sight ie not around the neck.
Face coverings must NOT be worn in the playground.
Any member of staff can ask a child to take off their face covering for purposes of identification anywhere on the school site, including the front entrance. 
If left on the floor or on a desk they will be disposed of in lidded bins that are in each room. They will not be regarded as lost property but hazardous litter. 
Breaches of this policy by students will be dealt with in the same way as any other act of disobedience or failure to follow instructions. 
Richard Brown
Executive Headteacher 

Correct Face Coverings 

Correct Facemask   Correct Facemask 2  Correct Facemask 3

Incorrect Face Coverings

Incorrect Facemask 3  Incorrect Facemask 2 Incorrect Facemask 4