Year 9 – The Sun

Last week you were learning about the Universe as a whole, you will now take a closer look at some of the components of our Universe. This week you are going to be learning some more about the Sun; to include how it forms and how it will die out … eventually!

You’ll need to open the PowerPoint, this will provide you with some information and some activities to complete, we would like you to send us the following pieces of the work you complete:

  1. Your suggestion of what if there was no sun and a list of things in the photo that wouldn’t survive without the sun.
  2. Written answers to the 4 questions from watching the video.
  3. Your storyboard of the life cycle of the Sun.
  4. Answers to the 5 questions on slide 18.
  5. The plenary activity where you write 5 sentences, condense these into 5 words, then 1 keyword.

Good luck!

Please send your completed work to

Due: 22/01/21


So far this year, you have been developing your scientific skills. This week you will be consolidating what you have learnt before moving onto our new topic next week: ‘Earth and Space’.

You have three activities to complete which have been numbered so that you know what order to complete them in.

For the final activity, if you have enough tea and biscuits at home you can carry out the experiment yourself. Let us know which biscuit is best!

You can either print off the sheets, or write on a separate piece of paper. When completed, please take pictures of your answers and email it to us at

Have fun!