Archdeacon of Hackney visits The Urswick School

On Monday, students and staff at The Urswick School welcomed Reverend Liz Adekunle, Archdeacon of Hackney since 2016.  As Archdeacon, Revd Liz oversees the work of Church of England churches throughout Hackney, and took the opportunity of her first visit to The Urswick School to see the work of Hackney’s only Church of England Secondary School in action. 

A tour of the school left Revd. Liz describing herself as being “inspired”, particularly by the use of prayer spaces, in the Chapel and multi-faith rooms, our collective sense of pride in our history, a caring community of students and staff, and the continued impact of our free school meals for all.  The archdeacon also had time to talk to students about what has inspired her journey of faith and Christian responsibility: she was first encouraged to follow her current vocation by none other than current Archbishop of York , Dr John Sentamu, in his days as a priest in Stepney.  Archbishop John, of course, opened our new school building in 2012! 

We were very pleased to welcome Revd Liz to The Urswick School, and wish her every success for the continuation of her new role as Archdeacon.  We strongly hope to welcome her back soon to hear her speak to the whole school, through assemblies and church services.

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