Tutor Group Dining at Urswick

The Urswick School’s universal provision of a free school lunch for every student continues to be enjoyed. Potentially a family can save around £300 per year for each child who attends the school.

This year also sees the introduction of Tutor Group Dining. One lunchtime per week each tutor group in years 7 to 10 dine together and are joined by their form tutor. Over a healthy and tasty lunch prepared by Harrison catering, who cook all our food on site, new friendships are being formed whilst the form tutor looks on and sees that everyone is having a good lunch.

Richard Brown, Headteacher said: ‘We are proud to be the only secondary school in England that provides a free lunch to every student. We have introduced tutor group dining this year to build on that sense of community spirit and the uplifting experience of ‘breaking bread’ with your peers.’

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