Year 10 Maths Intervention Evening

We were happy to host 36 year 10 students and their parents for a Maths intervention evening on Tuesday 5th June 2018.

The well attended evening gave parents a crucial opportunity to understand the journey ahead for their children as they strive to attain good outcomes in their GCSE exams in the summer 2019. The Maths department provided information on the unique challenges of the new Maths syllabus and exams. Parents were briefly taken back to their school days, and surprised their children, as they tackled new style GCSE questions eagerly, and dare I say it with some element of competiveness!

Every parent and child received a pack full of revision guidance, useful resources and templates of outstanding work and practice for GCSE Maths students. Judging by the conversations in the room at the end of the evening, parents stated that they felt more informed and would be able to provide greater support and understanding at home for their children when discussing their progress in Maths. A very purposeful and enjoyable evening for parents, students and staff.

Fathima Hashim – Head of Maths

Dele Rotimi – Head of School (Line manager – Maths)


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