Urswick Students Celebrate GCSE Results!

There were screams of excitement as Year 11 collected their GCSE results at The Urswick School, Paragon Road today. 64% of students achieved 5 or more grades 9 - 4.

Amongst the highest performing students were Anh Vu, 16, who achieved 9s in Combined Science, Maths and History. Grade 9s are awarded to students in the top 3% of the country.  Anh who was surprised by her outstanding grades said, “I am so happy with my results, thank you so much to all my teachers.” Anh plans to take A Levels in History and English and is still deciding which other subjects to study.

Ilke Delice , 16, achieved 8 GCSEs, including 9s in Combined Science, English Language, Maths and Geography. She said: “I’m relieved that my hard work has paid off and I’m so thankful for to the teachers here at The Urswick that have helped me achieve my wonderful results.”

Mikolaj Cios, 16, who will be staying on at The Urswick School Sixth Form Academy achieved 9s in Combined Science. He said “Thank you to the teachers for taking the time with me during and after school without them I couldn’t have done it, I am so happy”

Richard Brown, Headteacher said: ‘These are completely new GCSEs, with much more difficult content and the new 9-1 grading system. Our students worked hard and showed a great deal of resilience when taking anything up to 30 hours of different exam papers. I am delighted with their successes and also congratulate our staff on the skilled way they have delivered the new exam syllabuses.

I have no difficulty with the exam system becoming more demanding as long as we remember that comparisons with past results are pretty much invalid. However, it seems to me entirely wrong that 16 year olds who go to Independent schools are often being allowed to avoid the new, more difficult, exams, by taking something called the iGCSE, a qualification that is not open to state school children. It is for the Government to explain why they have allowed this inequality and unfairness to take place.

I am proud of all our students, some of whom come from disadvantaged backgrounds and have special educational needs. What I want for our children is a level playing field. That is why everyone at Urswick works so hard on their behalf.

Chloe Chilvers, former Head Girl cried tears of joy when receiving her Maths result. “I am so happy I passed, I just can’t believe it”

These results follow last week’s A Level grades, which have seen Urswick again graded as Outstanding by ALPs –The OFSTED accredited organisation which analyses Sixth Form results.

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