Trip to Cabinet War Rooms

On Thursday 30th January 2020, the A level History class took part in a trip to the Cabinet War Rooms and Churchill Museum in Westminster.
This bunker below one of the many Whitehall government buildings and adjacent to 10 Downing Street was the secret underground headquarters of Churchill and his cabinet between 1940 and 1945.
Here are some of the comments from the students who attended.  ‘I learnt that Churchill was reluctant to head underground as he didn’t want to appear scared of the enemy.  I also learnt that Churchill’s chair had marks from his nails and his ring on the arm, suggesting the enormous amount of stress that he went through.’  The students saw examples of the silent Remington typewriters that Churchill forced the typists to use as he ‘hated noise’.  One of the students spotted an image of Hitler in the map room as we made our way around which clearly made an impression; ‘my favourite room was the map room because it had a cartoon of Hitler depicted as an idiot.’  For others the map room was impressive because, ‘I could really get a sense of the operational organisation and planning that would have been carried out on a daily basis.’  Some of the students spoke very eloquently on the Churchill Museum and how it had helped to humanise a man and help them better realise the prolific nature of his political career.  

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