Week 5 – w/c 07/02/21


A Curious Incident of the dog in the night-time

You have been exploring this text and seen the mess that Christopher has got himself in to and the difficulties he faces with his Asperger’s. We know that Christopher has discovered a dog that has been killed and he begins his investigations. Upon doing this he begins to become suspicious of the truth surrounding the dog and we begin to feel suspicious about his mother. Your task this week is to produce a piece of opinion writing inspired by the text. This is not creative writing or storytelling, it is you expressing your thoughts on the topic we set. It is your thoughts, you can’t be wrong! 

To be successful you need to include:

- a title 

- reasons or examples to back up your ideas

- think widely about life, employment, success, creativity, health and happiness 

Complete a response to the statement below:

It is important to have an active imagination. Why? 

Please email your response to drama@theurswickschool.co.uk with your name and family learning group clearly displayed by Friday 12th February.

We look forward to your thoughts! 

The Drama team 

Week 4 – Week beginning 1st February 2021

Please read the extract attached on the right.

I would like you to write your own version of what you think happens next – what is Mrs Alexander going to tell Christophe? Please make sure you write it as a script. Ensure you use the correct character names and include stage directions.

Week 3 – week commencing 18th January 2021

Your tasks this week are:

  • Begin by reading the next section of the script attached on the right.
  • Then you need to create a News Article for the killing of the dog Wellington. You must write it as Christopher, remember his mind is magnificent and he thinks about every little detail. You can even add a drawing of the dog and suspects if you wish! Please do this neatly and clearly.

Week 2 – week beginning 18/01/21

Hi all,

This week I would like you to continue reading the pages attached on the right under week 2. Then answer the following questions:

  • How can you use pace in this scene between the Duty Sergeant and Christopher to show Christopher’s panic? Give examples as to where this might change in the scene (Pace is the speed)
  • Why does the playwright use Voices on Page 10?
  • Ed (Christopher’s dad) is annoyed with Christopher. What movement could they use on stage in this scene to show this? (page 11)
  • What relationships can we see Christopher struggles with? Is he comfortable with strangers?

Email all work to drama@theurswickschool.co.uk


Week 1 - Week beginning 05/01/21

You will be studying the play ‘A Curious Incident of the Dog in The Night time’ this term. I have attached the first few pages of the play on the right. Your tasks this week are as follows:

  • Read the first few pages (ensure this is done by 15th January)
  • Research what Asperges and Autism Syndrome is and how you think this might affect the main character Christopher’s life as the story develops
  • Email your research finding to drama@theurswickschool.co.uk