History work will be set every two weeks. You will need to follow the links to the worksheets and booklets.

You should complete all work in your exercise books or lined paper if you do not have your exercise book.

When you submit your work please clearly write the following: Date, title, task, name of your teacher, your name, year group and family learning group.

When completed, please take pictures of your answers and email it to us at history@theurswickschool.co.uk  

Please ensure that you write the full name of the student, family learning group and their history teacher in your email.

Have fun!

The History Team 




Year 9 History Work for the week starting on the 4th of January

Remember to answer all of the questions and complete all tasks on lined paper.

Add clear titles for each sections.

You have three lessons to complete from 

Chapter 1: Impact of WW1 upon Germany 1918-1923

Page 8-12: Impact of WW1 on Germany

Page 13-17: What was the impact of the Treaty of Versailles on Germany?

Page 18-21: How was the Weimer Republic Governed?