Please use the documents attached on the right hand side when asked to do so during remote learning and during independent revision. There is a WAGOL, exam guide booklet and task booklet. Please also regularly read through and practice the drama glossary.

Week 1 assignment – week commencing 04/01/21

You have been taught online on Friday 8th January. After this session you must complete your first assignment (on the right) which is a 14 Mark practice question. Please do this in your books if you receive them in time, or lined paper and tag it in. You must then take a photo of your work and submit it via Microsoft teams. If you do not have teams or weren’t able to access the lesson. Please email the photo to drama@theurswickschool.co.uk. There is a useful guide on how to answer the question attached on the right. You also have revision guides at home which are incredibly useful.