Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing - Project Enterprise


You have made the final 3 of the BBC hit show 'The Apprentice' . The task you are given is to design and make a healthy snack but before you start you must conduct some research. You will need to start by researching current logos and company names and analyse what you like and dislike about these. This will then help you to brainstorm ideas for your own company/brand.

Task 2 and 3

Now that you have researched logos and evaluated what you like and dislike about them, you now need to come up with your own company name and logo. To do this you need to use the task sheets labelled 2 and 3 to plan and help you design your logo.

Please email all health and wellbeing work to the PE department account

Health and Wellbeing


Task 4 and 5: Logo, ingredients and snack design.


  1. Now that you have successfully designed three draft logos, you now need to pick one of these as your final logo. You will need to draw this logo in detail and with colour. The box below this drawing asks you to explain your reasoning behind choosing this.
  2. Research and think about the ingredients that would go into a healthy snack. You then need to pick ingredients from the list that you wish to have in your healthy snack. Each of these ingredients has a price. Total up the price of your snack and then decide how much you will sell this for to make a profit. 


  1. What is your snack going to look like outside of the wrapper? There are three boxes for you to draw this. These views will be from front view, birds-eye view and side view. I have used a chocolate bar as an example, this shows you the different views. Please remember this is a healthy snack and these images are used just as an example.