History work will be set each week. You will need to follow the links to the worksheets and booklets.
You should complete all work in your exercise books or lined paper if you do not have your exercise book.
When you submit your work please clearly write the following: Date, title, task, name of your teacher, your name, year group and family learning group.
When completed, please take pictures of your answers and email it to us at history@theurswickschool.co.uk  
Have fun!
The History Team 

Year 10 Remote learning instructions week starting 04.01 to 10.01

Key Points:

Make sure you have clear titles and dates for each of the sections.

Write up your answers on lined paper or type up your notes.

When you are reading the key information make either bullet points or mind maps.

Complete the quick quiz questions

Have a go at some of the exam questions. Write the title of the question and the mark when writing the question.


Mr O’Gormans Class: Complete the tasks on pages 26-31

Mr Bennetts Class: Complete the tasks on pages 8-15

Ms Bishops Class: Complete the tasks on pages 12-18

Ms Powells Class: Complete the tasks on pages 8-15

Ms Thorntons Class: 18-25