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  • 30Mar

    Happy Easter from The Urswick School!

    I am writing this at the end of a particularly busy Spring Term. In addition to all the usual activities year 11 have already completed their GCSE Drama Performance exam – a series of mini productions watched by an external assessor. I joined a group of parents, other GCSE Drama students and staff at an evening performance. It was fantastic to see such creativity and team work. I hope many of these students will go on to study ‘A’ Level Drama at The Urswick Sixth Form Academy.

    Founders’ Day was March 23rd - the anniversary of Christopher Urswick’s death in 1522. We celebrated his life and the foundation of free education in Hackney at a special church service. I wonder how he would react to such modern creations as iPads, Astroturf and even the new Italian coffee machine in the canteen? I suspect he would say that the basics of respectful behaviour, reading  and writing are still the most important things (and he would remind everyone to say their prayers!).

    This was our first Founder’s Day as The Urswick School. As you are aware all of the building and groundswork are now complete. In April the new school will be officially opened by Dr John Sentamu, Archbishop of York. We are planning some celebrations and surprises for our students and a number of V.I.P guests. As the slogan almost says: The future is Urswick, the future is orange.

    Have a great Easter – I look forward to seeing Year 10 and 11 in for their revision classes. 

    Believe and Achieve. 

    Richard Brown

    Posted by Richard Brown @ 10:45