ICT and Computing

All the activities for the lesson are in the one pdf file.  Look out for the points in the presentation where it says which activities to do and then go back to the presentation when that activity is completed.

The pdf is a form that can be completed on most devices (tested on Apple and Android phones as well as windows and apple computers) and sent back as an attachment to ictandcomputing@theurswickschool.co.uk

Use the Lesson3Networks file to guide you through the lesson.  It will highlight when you should attempt the tasks on the Lesson3NetworksWorksheet.

Please make sure you download the worksheet to your device before completing it and attaching it to an email to ictandcomputing@theurswickschool.co.uk.

A video on how to complete and send pdf forms using iPhones and iPads is available at:


(it is very similar for Android devices too and a video will be made specifically for them shortly)

If you are using a computer, please use this video: