DNA - opinion writing

You have been exploring this drama text and seen the impact of some poor decisions within a friendship group. Your task this week is to produce a piece of opinion writing inspired by the text. This is not creative writing or storytelling, it is you expressing your thoughts on the topic we set. It is your thoughts, you can’t be wrong! 

To be successful you need to include:

- a title 

- reasons or examples to back up your ideas

- think widely about the law, employment, success, responsibility, age and education 

Complete a response to the statement below:

Young people should be able to make mistakes, even if it is a crime. Agree or disagree.

Please email your response to drama@theurswickschool.co.uk with your name and family learning group clearly displayed by Friday 12th February.

We look forward to your thoughts! 

The Drama team 

Y9 week 4 DNA

Please work from the PPT attached on the right. The homework is due on the 5th February. Please email all work to drama@theurswickschool.co.uk.


DNA lesson 3

We know so far that the play DNA is about a group of friends that have done something terrible (we don’t exactly what it is yet) and they are keeping it a secret within the group. You have already developed your own story by writing dialogue between two characters and a scene with the whole friendship group that shows a leader emerging. 

Your task this week is to write a newspaper article for a local Hackney newspaper about either the group of friends in the play or your imagined group of friends. You need to include a headline, information such as who was involved, where the event took place and what happened. Your article also needs to include quotes from people such as the friends, witnesses, family members or police. The 2-3 paragraph article will describe something the group has been accused of but hasn’t been proven in court yet.

Included here is a PDF of a newspaper article that describes a group of friends in America that robbed the houses of celebrities. This will hopefully give you inspiration for developing your own article.
Please email your article to drama@theurswickschool.co.uk with your name and FLG.

Drama work will be set every two weeks with the deadline for work to be submitted in the task description.

You will need to work your way through the task as directed. Any additional resources such as script extract will be in a PDF with the task.

You should complete all work either on paper and photograph your work to send or complete the task electronically to send, whichever is easier for you.

Email your work to us at drama@theurswickschool.co.uk. Remember to state your full name and family learning group.

Have fun!

The Drama Team