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What will I learn?

  • You will study one complete and substantial performance text and two key extracts from a second contrasting performance text.
  • The texts will be studied to gain a practical understanding of drama.
  • You will participate in a minimum of two performances, one devised and one from a performance text which has been studied as part of the course.
  • You will learn about technical theatre and how to think like a director

How will I learn?

  • There will be a mix of practical drama and written work
  • You will create, develop and perform devised piece of Drama from a stimulus
  • You will need to analyse and evaluate the devising process and performance through a written portfolio
  • You will perform two extracts from a performance text 
  • By visiting the theatre

How will I be assessed? 

  • 40% Written exam in the summer term of Year 11
  • 60% Non-Examined Assessment spread across Year 10 and 11

Skills for Success

  • You need to have confidence in your performance and a strong commitment to continue learning outside of lessons.
  • You will enjoy Drama GCSE if you like working as part of a team, Drama involves a lot of group work and you have to rely on your fellow group members.
  • Students must be aware that the GCSE course involves a considerable amount of written work. This should not put you off but you must be prepared for this.

What can I do next? Further Education
You can go on to study ‘A’ Level Drama and Theatre at The Urswick School Sixth Form Academy.  You can also take a BTEC in Drama, Theatre Studies, Performing Arts, Stage Management, Lighting, Sound and Set design, Costume and Stage Make-up design.

Career Routes

  • Jobs within the theatre industry. For example, Actor, Presenter, Director, Lighting designer, Sound designer, Costume designer, Stage management.
  • Teaching
  • Any job where confidence, commitment and communication are required!

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A Level Drama and Theatre