The Mathematics Department at The Urswick School consists of a team of enthusiastic and committed specialists. We aim to develop learner’s abilities to use and apply mathematics confidently in a modern society: at the workplace, in business and in finance.

We aim to inspire and equip all learners with powerful ways to analyse, solve problems, discover solutions and make connections within the broad areas of the subject. Learners are encouraged to develop logical processes, become functional in their use of mathematics and to think independently in applied and abstract ways. 

Mathematics is an elegant and creative subject that provides tools for understanding science, engineering, technology, art and economics. Learners will experience that mathematics is an international language and over time develop means of solving problems and enjoy mathematics for its own sake.


Key Stage 3

In years 7 and 8 students are taught in three ability groups across two half-year groups. In year 9 students are taught in six ability groups across the whole year group. Students are able to move groups according to progress throughout the year.

Our scheme of work follows the principles of the National Curriculum for Key Stage 3, with an emphasis on communication and reasoning as well as mathematical fluency.

Teachers use a variety of resources in their lessons. Independent problem solving is actively encouraged in preparation for GCSE mathematics and to enable students to experience the thrill of finding solutions by approaching problems in imaginative ways. Students in years 7 and 8 also have Numeracy and Challenge lessons to develop basic skills and stretch higher achievers. To enrich students experience of mathematics, high achieving learners take part in the National Mathematics Challenge (Junior Level)

Students are regularly assessed throughout each year. They have the opportunity to work in small groups with a dedicated mathematics teaching assistant to re-visit any topics that they have struggled with and also to work at a higher level of challenge.


Key Stage 4

The work in Key Stage 4 builds on the framework in KS3, focusing on building core skills within the areas of:

1 Number

2 Algebra

3 Ratio, proportion and rates of change

4 Geometry and measures

5 Probability

6 Statistics


The current Y9 to 11, are following the Edexcel Level 1/Level 2 GCSE (9-1) in Mathematics (1MA1) Edexcel programme. Learners are placed on the Higher or Foundation Tier and sit three papers (one non-calculator and two calculator).

To enrich students’ experience of mathematics, high achieving learners take part in the National Mathematics Challenge (Intermediate Level).

We offer a range of tailored intervention activities to support learning: after school, during the holidays and during the school day.

Key Stage 5


Course: AS and A2

At Key Stage 5 students will follow the Edexcel Advanced Level course over two years.

In Year 12 students study Core and Applied mathematics. Students are examined in June via 2 papers. At the end of Year 12 successful students will have completed the AS Level qualification and can then continue to the full A Level in Year 13. In Year 13 students will study further Core and Applied mathematics.

The key themes of Core Mathematics are Algebra and Functions, Coordinate Geometry, Sequences and Series, and Differentiation and Integration. These themes are continued into the second year of Core along with other topics such as Advanced Trigonometry. Students will be encouraged to develop their skills and apply them to a wide range of problems. The Applied section of the course cover Mechanics and Statistics in both years.

Students will have access to graphing software, iPad technology and e-books to help them throughout the course.