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Modern Foreign Languages

Welcome….Bienvenue….Bienvenidos….Witamy….Benvenuti….Boas-vindas….Hoş Geldiniz….Willkommen…. Karibu Marhaba….歡迎

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Here at The Urswick School we are passionate about learning different languages.  We encourage our students to become sophisticated, independent global citizens by the time they leave us.  Students have the opportunity to interact with native language teachers in a variety of real-life situations; they become real communicators as they develop the four language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

The students are encouraged to broaden their cultural horizons.  We encourage students to explore music, dance, literature, art and theatre from different cultures and societies in the world. The Modern Foreign Language team work towards building the students’ confidence by engaging them in activities which are fun.  We aim to promote a genuine love for language learning which will become a tool for life.

We run trips to France and Spain on a regular basis.  We have also run trips to Peru and this year we are launching a trip to China.  These trips are very popular and invaluable in giving students the opportunity to enhance their language skills and sample the culture of the country they are visiting.  We have developed links with schools in France, Spain and China from which we enjoy and share different cultural values.  Our Mandarin students regularly exchange letters and gifts with their peers in our partner Chinese school.


Students study either a European language, French or Spanish, or Mandarin Chinese.  They have lots of fun learning to develop their language skills.  They learn to work independently and/or as a team and benefit from an excellent interactive course.

Able linguists in Key Stage 3 are also offered the opportunity to study a second European language.


A big proportion of our students study an MFL as part of  the Ebacc qualification.  In 2017 our first Mandarin Chinese GCSE group will begin their course.  Language learning has always been very successful at The Urswick School and this reflected in our GCSE results.

94% of our French students achieved a Grade A* to C

83% of our Spanish students achieved a Grade A* to C

We aim to build on these excellent results and to do even better in the future!


Community Languages

We have a wealth of community languages spoken within our school and students are given the opportunity to achieve an additional GCSE in their mother-tongue.

Key Stage 5

A2 and AS Spanish and French are available for our Sixth Form students to choose from.

Year 12 students also benefit from an optional 10 week taster course in Mandarin Chinese.

A2 and AS Spanish