Design and Technology allows pupils to combine practical skills, problem-solving skills and creative thinking in order to design and make innovative products that meet a specified range of needs.  

Our Design and Technology programme aims to stimulate pupils by providing them with a range of real-world situations for which to generate concepts and develop products, both as individuals and within teams.  The projects will focus on building dexterity and manual skills, as well as encouraging students to use a variety of methods for realising and explaining their ideas.

There will be an increasing emphasis on ethical sourcing and production of materials, engaging students in the development of sustainable and recycled products.    

Key Stage 3
At Key Stage 3 the projects are designed to introduce students to safe conduct in the workshop and cover a wide range of fundamental skills.  Students will learn basic drawing and rendering techniques and consider the impact of Computer Aided Design and Manufacture on the design industry.  They will gain confidence working in a range of resistant materials including plastic, metal and wood and using a variety of hand tools and workshop machinery.  In Food Technology, students will develop an understanding of the cultural, social and economic issues surrounding healthy eating and food preparation.

Throughout Key Stage 3 students will continue to build on their practical and intellectual skills with an increasing understanding of aesthetic, technical, cultural, economic, industrial and environmental issues.  Students will be able to reference existing materials and processes in design and technology to inform their work and work effectively, both independently and in teams, to generate innovative and revolutionary concepts within the limitations of the stated Brief and Specifications.  

Key Stage 5

BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Fashion and Clothing

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