• Sixth FormEnglish

English Literature

Course: AS and A2

We follow the OCR A-level course in Years 12 and 13. The course is split in to four units over the course of two years, which assess a range of skills including close textual analysis, exploring links and comparisons and evaluating the significance of context.

In the first year the students will study the AS course, which is split into an exam and coursework unit. The exam unit, entitled ‘Poetry and Prose 1800-1945’, is based on the students’ understanding of a series of poems and a classic novel. For the coursework, the students will study three modern texts, giving a close analysis of the writers’ use of language and looking to make links and comparisons.

Moving in to Year 13, the A-level course is also split between an exam and coursework unit. For the coursework, the students study three ‘Texts in Time’ and seek to make links between the different historical and critical contexts. The exam is focused on one Shakespeare play and comparing two other works from the canon of classical English literature.

Across these two years the students get a healthy balance between old, classic texts and new, modern literature. Yet there is more to English Literature A-level than just reading stories and poems. The students who take this course will develop their skills of inference and interpretation; they will understand how history and politics are deduced in literature; they will learn how to question and critically examine; and they will enhance their abilities to write, perform, discuss, argue and listen.