Course: AS and A2

At Key Stage 5 students will follow the Edexcel Advanced Level course over two years. In Year 12 students study three units, Core 1, Core 2 and Statistics 1 or Mechanics 1. All modules are examined in June. At the end of Year 12 successful students will have completed the AS Level qualification and can then continue to the full A Level in Year 13. In Year 13 students will study Core 3, Core 4 and a second Applied Unit, which could be Decision 1 or Statistics 1 depending on the needs of the class as determined by the teachers.

The key themes of Core Mathematics 1 are Algebra and Functions, Coordinate Geometry, Sequences and Series, and Differentiation and Integration. These themes are continued into Core 2, 3 and 4 along with other topics such as Advanced Trigonometry. Students will be encouraged to develop their skills and apply them to a wide range of problems.

Students will have access to graphing software, iPad technology and e-books to help them throughout the course.