• Sixth Form Psychology


Course: AS and A2

What is Psychology?
Psychology is the scientific study of mind and behaviour. If you are considering taking Psychology you need to be curious about both typical and atypical behaviour.

You should enjoy thinking about and researching questions such as: How do other people influence our behaviour? How does memory work? Are our characteristics due to nature or nurture? Why do people have fears about common (and sometimes strange) objects? What is the best way to study people?

What topics will I study? 
This course covers the following topics at AS Level: Research methods & statistics, Approaches, Psychopathology (mental illnesses), Social influence, Memory, and Attachment (child psychology).

In the second year you will study: Cognitive development, Schizophrenia, Forensic psychology (crime), and Issues and debates in psychology.

What are the entry criteria?
5 GCSEs in different subjects at grade C or higher, with grade B or higher in GCSE English, English Language or English Literature
Please note: Psychology is a highly academic and scientific subject – as well as being able to write an essay, you should be comfortable with both scientific and mathematical concepts

How is the course assessed? 
Two exams at the end of the first year to gain an AS qualification.
Three exams at the end of the second year to gain an A level qualification.
Please note: Due to national changes to A levels, AS qualifications do not contribute to the full A level qualification
You will also do weekly tests in lessons and mock exams in January and April.

What are the career opportunities? 
The world is your oyster with psychology as almost all careers involve dealing with people! The following are areas you may consider pursuing: Advertising, Marketing, Research, Forensics, Therapy (including Sports, Occupational, Life Coaching), Leisure and Tourism, Criminology, Management, Education, Health and Social Work.
In order to become a Psychologist you will also need to study Psychology at university.

Is there anything else I need to know? 
Psychology is a very popular AS Level choice. It works well with Science and Humanity subjects. If you are thinking about becoming a Psychologist you may consider doing some relevant volunteer work alongside your academic studies; this will enhance both university and job applications.