• Sixth Form Government & Politics
  • Sixth Form Government and Politics 2

Government and Politics

Course: AS and A2

The subject will force you to organise information in order to build rational arguments, as well as to be critical when dealing with either evidence or information. It is concerned with power and how power is distributed in society. The course will develop the skills and knowledge needed to understand politics and will develop a clear awareness of the nature of politics and the relationship between political ideas, institutions and processes. It will give you the knowledge and transferable skills to evaluate and understand some of the most important forces shaping the future of us all.

How is the course assessed?

Edexel AS Specification concentrates on the main UK political institutions and processes. There are two examination papers, both lasting 80 minutes, which contain short answer questions, essays and data response exercises.

At A2 Level student will take a further two papers, each lasting 90 minutes, which contain short-answer questions and essays.

You will study:

  • How the political system in the UK operates
  • How parliament works and how decisions are made
  • How political parties and pressure groups function
  • How democracy is achieved
  • Political ideologies (AS & A2: Conservatism, liberalism, socialism; A2 only: anarchism, feminism, nationalism,   multiculturalism, ecologism)
  • You will keep up to date with continuous changes in British politics.

Students will have the opportunity to learn about politics with other enthusiastic and interested students. They will experience a wide range of teaching strategies and activities including visiting speakers, videos on topical issues relevant to politics, student presentations, debates and conferences.

Government and Politics students have many exciting enrichment opportunities, including:

  • regular visits by MPs and councillors to discuss current political issues
  • taking part in the prestigious national "Debating matters" competition
  • visit to the Houses of Parliament

What are the career opportunities?
It is well regarded by all universities; Politics A-level can lead directly to degrees in Politics or International Relations, and to a wide variety of courses. There are a range of options open to graduates, including TV and newspaper journalism, the law, the home and diplomatic civil service, local government, business management and political research.