Summer School Report

The Urswick School hosted a Summer School for two weeks during the summer of 2021.

This was from Monday 26th July 2021 – Friday 30th July 2021 and from Monday 9th August 2021 – Friday 13th August 2021. The summer school was funded by a grant from the Department for Education for Education COVID catch up fund. It was targeted at Year 6 students’ transitioning into Year 7. All 180 students due to come to The Urswick School in September 2021 were offered a place on one of the weeks. 46% of those students invited are eligible for pupil premium. Of 180 students invited to attend 113 students attended.  A take up rate of 62%. Of these 113 students that attended, 51.3% were eligible for pupil premium. During the ten days of summer school a total of 522 additional days of education were provided.

The emphasis of the activities provided was ‘school’ rather than ‘summer.’ Transitional activities such as meeting teachers and tours of the school took place, as well as subject support lessons in English and Maths. Sports-based activities such as team games and mini Olympics took place as well as Wellbeing-based activities such as team building or ‘getting-to-know-you-activities.’ The culmination of the week was a short award ceremony where students were rewarded with certificates and small gift tokens for doing the right thing and upholding the ethos of the school.

Students and staff were provided with a hot two course meal with drink every day. The menu reflecting food eaten during warmer weather. 

Funding received from the Department for Education was £31,163.

It was spent as follows; Staffing costs were approx. 39.8%, Building costs (including additional cleaning and caretaking) were approx. 32%, Catering was approx. 14.5%, Resources amounted to 8.5% and Administration costs, before, during and afterwards amounted to 5.2%. 
In addition, students attending were given bespoke T shirts to wear at Summer school and to keep as a memento, these were funded via a charitable donation.  

Our summer school was staffed by Members of the Senior and Extended Leadership teams, Qualified Teaching Staff, Teaching Assistants, Administrative Staff and Cleaners and Caretakers all from our own school. In addition, our contracted caterer opened the Kitchen and provided chef/manager and catering staff.