School Vision

“Jesus said: ‘If you love me, feed my sheep’ ”

(John 21:17)

Jesus’ “sheep” are all the people he had originally come to help.
Anyone following his teachings should try to help others as often and as fully as they can.

At the Urswick School, We all feed, and we are all fed:



Through our learning in all our subjects.


Through our support for our friends, our Urswick Parents, and our Heads of Learning.


Through eating lunch together as a family every day.


Through praying together, reflecting as individuals, and celebrating each day of success as a community.
The school’s ethos shows our Christian duty to be a source of nourishment to all members of our community; from physically feeding all students for free, to providing a safe environment for spiritual, emotional and academic growth.  A culture of universal, unconditional respect fosters relationships of compassion, just as the school’s motto - “Believe and Achieve” – commands us collectively to positive action, commitment and hard work.