English Literature

What is English Literature?

A-Level English Literature builds on what you know already from GCSE, to teach the skills you need to explore and understand a wide range of texts, and to help develop the valuable transferable skills of wide, independent reading and the ability to produce a critical argument.  Throughout the course, you are encouraged to develop critical awareness and understanding of individual works of literature, of relationships between texts and of the significance of cultural and contextual influences on readers and writers.

Why study this course?

English Literature is a highly respected A level. As well as an English Literature degree itself, students of Literature might go on to study for University degrees in a range of subjects including: History, Sociology, Psychology and Law.   It is also very effective in developing transferrable skills such as interpretive abilities, communication, an understanding of how language works, close analysis, and the ability to construct a well-argued case.

How is the course assessed?

We teach the OCR specification

AS:  Two closed book exams at the end of Year 12.

A2: Coursework (20%) and two closed book exam papers at the end of year 13.

Who is the course suitable for?

Students who enjoy reading widely and interpreting what they read from different perspectives.  It is also a good choice for those who think analytically and enjoy discussion and essay writing.

Progression options

The skills acquired in English Literature prepare you well for a wide range of careers including jobs in media, law, social work, journalism and teaching.  Generally speaking, English literature is a degree well respected by potential employers owing to the numerous transferable skills it demonstrates.