What is Politics?

here’s never been a better time to study politics. Boris Johnson, Donal Trump, the aftermath of Covid-19, the upcoming general election and how artificial  intelligence may change everything we know about politics. are just some of the topics that will help to ignite your interest in the subject. Ultimately, politics is about the winning and using of power in order to govern a society. We will examine how this is done and whether politics ‘works’ in the United Kingdom. On the course you will also study US Politics and undertake comparisons with the UK.  


Why study this course?

The course gives you an understanding of how politics works within the United Kingdom. You will gain an understanding of the different political institutions, the political parties and the customs and traditions which are followed within Parliament. You will have the opportunity to visit Parliament, seeing politics in action, and speak to an MP. You will also learn about US politics and of how it has similarities and differences with UK politics. Finally, you will have the opportunity to take part in a number of debates on a variety of different issues within the class.


How is the course assessed?

We teach the Edexcel specification.

AS: Two examinations at the end of year 12

A level: Three examinations at the end of year 13.

Who is the course suitable for?

This course is suitable for anyone with a desire to know more about politics. For those who want to know more about our political systems and institutions and how we are governed by them. It is for students who like to work hard, study, debate and fully invest in a subject.


Progression options

Students can progress onto a number of different degrees; however, many will go on to study Politics, International Relations or a related degree. There are also a number of different career routes available including work within the civil service, working for a political party, the charity sector, education and the legal sector.