What is History?

A-Level History is the deep study of the past. Students will look at history and reflect upon how it has shaped the future. Reading history at A-Level is more complex and absorbing than GCSE. Students will prepare themselves for university by studying academic texts. The subject also involves looking at historical interpretations and students will be encouraged to debate. Furthermore, students will develop their essay writing skills and abilities to analyse the course.

Why study this course?

We have created a fascinating course which will really help you explore your interest of history. In the course you will read three modules:

  • Russia 1894-1941
  • British Empire-1558-1783
  • Britain 1930-1997

These units are fascinating and will help give you a deep understanding of the past as well as the present. Furthermore, you will be able to pick your own topic to write a 5000 word piece of coursework. This will help you prepare for university and also offer you an exciting challenge. To summarise, the course is excellent preparation for university and will also help you to develop your analytical thinking and writing skills.

How is the course assessed?

Students follow the OCR history course.

AS: Two exams.

A2: Three exams and one piece of coursework.

Who is the course suitable for?

The course is suitable for students who are deep thinkers and like to draw connections between the past and present. If you enjoy debating and studying historical interpretations, you will enjoy the course. If you enjoy reading, researching, giving presentations and essay writing you will also like the course.

Progression options

History is a subject that has existed for over 10,000 years. It is widely respected as an academic subject by Russell Group universities and will increase your chance of getting accepted at a prestigious institution. The skills learnt in history cross into many career paths including law, finance, journalism, education, politics and business.