What is Photography?

Our experience of the world is shaped by photography. From momentous historical events, to personal family moments, we experience and relive the world through a photographic lens. Photography captures moments in time both for posterity and to draws our attention to subjects we may otherwise ignore.

Why study this course?

Photography encourages self-expression and creativity and can build confidence as well as a sense of individual identity. This course will equip students with the investigative and practical skills required to capture near-professional photography work. Students will build a body of work which will serve as a portfolio for both university and industry interviews.

How is the course assessed?

We teach the AQA specification.

AS: Coursework comprising of studio and location projects (60%), and a practical examination (40%).

A level: Coursework- student lead personal investigation (60%), and a practical examination (40%).

Who is the course suitable for?

The course is particularly suitable for students who wish to study Photography or related subjects at a higher level or who wish to pursue a career in the Arts.

Progression options

A Level Photography opens the door to many diversified opportunities particularly in the visual fields. Art is a booming industry! There are quite literally hundreds of courses and careers where art is essential, including: architect, animator, curator, art therapist, fashion designer, illustrator, fine artist, sculptor, graphic designer, photographer, interior designer, product designer, theatre or TV set designer, TV, film maker, advertising, textile designer, visual/special effects designer, make-up artist, web author/designer, /set design.