What is Physics?

Physics A-level takes all of your current physics knowledge and challenges the depth of your understanding. In A level physics, you will be studying concepts which were introduced to you at primary school, but delving deep into the minutiae. There will be a lot of familiar content such as electricity, waves and forces, as well as some new concepts in space and quantum physics. Throughout the A level course, you will also have the opportunity to further develop practical skills with both new and familiar apparatus.

Why study this course?

During A level Physics you will continue to develop a wide range of skills including practical, mathematical and problem solving. The subject can be paired with other sciences and maths for those looking at medicine and engineering; with philosophy or history for those interested in a Physics with Philosophy course; with art for those interested in architecture and with maths and computer science for those wanting to work within tech. A level Physics opens up so many doors that it can compliment any other A level you are interested in studying.

How is the course assessed?

We teach the Edexcel qualification. This consists of two papers in AS and three papers in A2.

There are also 16 core practicals that are taken throughout the two years which you receive a ‘Pass’ for completing. This doesn’t impact the overall grade, but is important for anyone wishing to go onto a practical-based degree at university.

Who is the course suitable for?

Anyone with a natural curiosity who wants to learn more about how everything around us works, from quarks to the universe.  This course relies heavily on maths. A level maths is not a requirement for studying A level physics, but confidence in GCSE maths is important.

Progression options

Physics can lead onto a vast array of different careers including, engineering, research, medical imaging, aerospace, banking, accountancy, consultancy, technology, energy generation and architecture. Employment rates for physics graduates is above average and with an above average salary.