What is Sociology?

Sociology is the study of the individual and society. It focuses on interactions within the local and global community. The subject aims to provide pupils with evaluative and analytical skills, as well as encouraging them to tackle some of the perplexing questions they will face in their formative years, and later on into adulthood.

Sociology questions and debates all areas of life, from the family unit, to religion, education, crime, subcultures and many more interesting topics. Being a sociologist is more than just learning, but being able to question and understand every aspect of life in a critical way.

Why study this course?

Sociology allows one to connect with society on a critical and also personal level. Many students can relate to the topics discussed over the course and find interest in knowing about social constructions, social order and other topics which could relate to their lives. Further, Sociology encourages critical thinking – a skill used widely amongst many subjects and also practised in university subjects.

How is the course assessed?

Students follow the AQA A level course.

The course is assessed through 2 exams at the end of Y12 for the AS Level and 3 exams at the end of Y13 for the A level.

AS Level

  • Education
  • Methods in context
  • Research Methods
  • Families and households


A level

  • Education with theory and methods
  • Crime and Deviance with theory and methods
  • Families and households
  • Beliefs in society

Who is the course suitable for?

Students with a strong interest in world events and current affairs (particularly related to human and social interactions) and who enjoy discussion, reading, research and essay writing.

Progression options

Specific roles related to Sociology are as follows: Sociology/Humanities teacher, pastoral support in schools, educational welfare officer, social worker, criminal justice worker, youth worker, journalist, researcher at all levels, prison officers and services relating to criminal rehabilitation, police officer and all police work.