Further Maths

What is Further Mathematics?

Further Mathematics is an opportunity to expand on what you are learning in A-level Mathematics.  It can not be taken without also taking A-level Mathematics. Over the two years, you will study Core Pure Mathematics, Decision Mathematics, Statistics and Mechanics with wide applications in mathematics, engineering, physical sciences and computing.  While this is similar content to A level Mathematics, Further Mathematics goes into greater depth.  You will also learn Decision Mathematics which is not part of the A level Mathematics curriculum

Why study this course?

If you love mathematics, A level Further Mathematics gives you the opportunity to explore and problem solve in even greater depth. It is likely to improve your A level Mathematics grade by consolidating and reinforcing the standard A level Mathematics work.  It can also be very useful for other courses that are mathematically rich. 

How is the course assessed?

For AS Level you will take 3 units (2 will be in Pure Mathematics and 1 is Decision Mathematics). 
For A Level you will take 3 units (1 in Pure Core Mathematics and 2 in Applied Mathematics).   

These are all assessed by exams in May/June.

Who is the course suitable for?

Students who study Further Mathematics are a very special group of people.  To be successful in this course students must have a passion for mathematics and display a logical mind and excellent problem-solving skills. If you’re considering studying Further Maths, it’s likely that you really like maths. However, studying both A-level Maths and Further Maths will mean you spend at least 50% of your time studying maths. So you have to really love maths!

Progression options

Studying Further Mathematics is an excellent option for students wishing to read Mathematics or a mathematics-rich degree such as Engineering, Physics, Actuarial Studies, Computer Science or Economics at university.

The employment areas are likely to be similar to those list under A level Mathematics but an A level in  Further Mathematics is an even stronger indicator of mathematical ability than just A level Mathematics on its own.