From Urswick To Oxford, Cambridge and Beyond!

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Students were celebrating this morning when collecting their A level results. The school community was in triumphant mood as students and staff celebrated A Level successes. We achieved 100% pass rate with an increased number of higher grades.

Richard Brown, Executive Headteacher said ‘This has been such a complex, demanding year which has made these successes even more special. Our young people have shown resilience and worked exceptionally hard. They all have smiles on their faces today, which is wonderful to see.

Miriam Summers, 18, achieved three A* in Sociology, Ethics and Theology, and History is going on to read Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at Cavendish College,  Cambridge. Miriam said “ I’d like to thank all of my A Level teachers for their tireless efforts to help me on the path to where I am now. I am so looking forward to developing my knowledge further and would like to thank my Mandarin teacher especially. “

Cosmo Siddons, 18, is going on to study Chinese studies at Queen’s College Oxford. Cosmo said “although the last two years have been challenging it has ended well for all of us. I have felt fully supported by all the teaching staff. It’s great to know all the hard work has paid off and I’m really looking forward to the next stage of my education.“ Cosmo achieved A* in English Literature, A* in History and A* in Politics.

Iyobosa Sengar Ajala, 18 only joined the school in 2019 having newly arrived in the UK. In 3 years Iyobosa has excelled and has achieved an A* in Spanish, A in Chemistry and B in Biology. Iyobosa said “I want the thank The Urswick School for accepting me as a new student and then helping me to become an excellent student. I will never forget this as my first and last school in England.” Iyobosa is going on to study Biomedical Science at Queen Mary University.  

Rachel Ikusawe, 18, achieved A in Sociology, A in Drama & Theatre Studies and A* in Law. Rachel is going on to Queen Mary University to study Law. Rachel said “I would like to thank all my teachers and I would like to thank God. I am so happy with my results and so excited for the next chapter in my life.

Sahila Richards, 18 is going on to Sussex University to study Law and Criminology. Sahila said “ All the hard work paid off. It’s been a tough couple of years but if you put the work in, you see results. I want to thank all my teachers for helping me and spending extra time with me.” Sahila achieved straight As in Psychology, Sociology and Law.

30% of year 13 are progressing to Oxford, Cambridge or a Russell Group University. Urswick students will soon be studying at the University of Exceter (Law) Southampton ( Criminology & Psychology), Birmingham (Law), Leeds (International Relations) and Warwick (History & Politics).

Those closer to home achieved places at Queen Mary University (Chemistry), University College London (Russian Studies), King’s College London (Nursing).

Annie Gammon, Director of Hackney Education, visited the school to congratulate students and staff.

Richard Brown added “ For Miriam to have gained a place at Cambridge and Cosmo to be going to Oxford is a huge success for the school and these fantastic young people, who will continue to demonstrate all that is best about The Urswick School.”

“I would also like to thank our dedicated staff team. The system of the school creating and marking assessments and then using them as evidence to determine the final grades has put a great deal of additional pressure on teachers. Urswick’s evidence was sampled by the exam boards who left all of our grades unchanged. This is a wonderful day for the school.’

Year 12 collected their AS results and are already looking to out perform the outgoing year 13. Several students are planning to apply to Oxbridge and Russel Group Universities.

Believe and Achieve!