Year 8 Food Lessons!

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Our Year 8 pupils have been getting stuck into their Food Technology Lessons at Hackney School of Food lessons. Pupils have so far learnt a variety of different culinary skills and cooked some delicious food over the last four weeks. They have learnt the different types of chopping techniques, picked their own vegetables and herbs from the garden in order to make a healthy vegetable soup, learnt how to knead their own bread in order to make focaccia and much, much more.

‘‘The food we made was delicious and it helped develop our cookery skills and teamwork’’ Zachary Grant- Tuitt 8KIM

‘‘In my cooking session, I enjoyed experimenting with different spices and ingredients and creating a variety of flavours. I also enjoyed the teamwork as I learnt more about my friends and classmates. I learnt many different techniques and recipes that I will try to incorporate when I cook at home.’’ -Daisy Odiaka 8KIM

‘‘I enjoyed cooking especially the bread and when we made tacos last week’’ – Adam Ibrahim 8KIM

‘‘I enjoyed cooking and taking It home and having my Mum and Dad taste it. I loved having chef Tom help me and others cook. He helped us with cooking skills and how to chop using the bridge or claw technique.’’ Amos Pennant – 8KIM