Physical Education

Physical Education is a subject for all students that involves two practical lessons a week in KS3 and one in KS4 on top of any academic PE lessons. These lessons are delivered in our fantastic sports hall, our outside Astroturf pitch and MUGA or the Activity Studio. Theory lessons are mainly delivered in our allocated teaching room. 

Our aim is to encourage a lifelong desire for learning and participation in sport and physical activity. We also look to push talented students as far as possible, giving them opportunities to compete in sports at both the local and regional level, and occasionally at national level too. We teach a variety of activities and sports to engage all students no matter what physical ability they may have. Students are taught from Year 7 that they will take part in every lesson and learn skills that will serve them well in their other lessons in school as well in their future lives, for example teamwork, communication and leadership. 


Key Stage 3

Examples of sports and activities that are covered in both PE lessons and extra-curricular clubs:

• Football

• Basketball

• Handball

• Netball

• Athletics

• Cricket

• Rounders

• Tennis

• Table Tennis

• Orienteering

• Gymnastics

• Fitness

Our extra-curricular clubs cater for all and are free to attend. We run competitive teams and recreational “turn up and play” clubs. We encourage all students to attend, no matter what their ability or gender may be. Lessons are taught in Family Learning Groups in Year 7, but in ability based sets in Years 8 and 9. Regular assessments take place to ensure that students are in the correct group, along with a range of fitness based tests to monitor students’ progress. 

Key Stage 4

At KS4 we offer students the opportunity to gain PE qualifications following either the GCSE or BTEC courses. 

GCSE Exam Board: OCR.
Students sit two exams at the end of year 11 worth 60% of their final grade. Paper 1 covers anatomy and physiology and fitness;, Paper 2 covers socio-cultural issues in sport and sports psychology.

There is also a practical element where students are assessed in 3 sports, worth 30% of the total grade, and a Non-Examined Assessment, which is an analysis of performance worth 10%.

BTEC Exam Board: Pearson.
Students complete one online exam in Year 10 and three coursework modules over the two years: Training for Personal Fitness, Practical Sport and Leading Practical Activities.

KS4 theory lessons are taught in both practical and classroom environments so that students can apply practical knowledge and examples to their exams and coursework. A variety of teaching styles enable students to gain valuable knowledge and practice applying this to exam situations. Lessons are structured to cater for all students, with work being differentiated to allow high achieving learners to challenge themselves, but at the same time allowing all students to access the required information and knowledge.