Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behaviour. It is a new science, which seeks to explain a range of human behaviours and processes, as well as seeking to establish the cause and treatment of mental illness. 

Studying Psychology helps to understand yourself and others. You will learn the causes of behaviour and how to change them. It also develops higher level skills, including application, analysis and evaluation.

You will learn how to present psychological information, develop arguments and draw conclusions through a critical approach to psychological evidence, developing as reflective thinkers. You will also learn how psychological research is conducted, the role of scientific method and data analysis.


Key Stage 4


Exam board: AQA

In year 10 we cover Paper 1: Cognition and behaviour: 

• Memory

• Perception

• Development

• Research methods

In year 11 we cover Paper 2: Social context and behaviour:

• Social influence

• Language, thought and communication

• Brain and neuropsychology

• Psychological problems

Each exam paper is worth 50% of the overall GCSE. Both exams are taken in the summer of year 11. Each exam comprises of a combination of multiple choice, short mark and essay questions. In order to prepare for this, each week you will have a lesson an exam skills, mock or mock feedback lesson.

You will have 3 hours of lessons per week - two lessons on content and one to assess progress and develop exam skills. You will learn independently and through group and discussion work. You will use psychological studies, textbooks, video clips, songs, pictures, the internet and an interesting range of written sources to consider why individuals behave in the way they do. Higher ability students will be given additional and alternative tasks to challenge them further e.g. to design and conduct their own psychological research. Vulnerable learners will be supported in lesson, with differentiated resources and teacher support, as well as weekly intervention lessons.